I first became interested in photography in Middle School when one of the Teachers set up a black and white darkroom for pupils to use. My first what i would call a proper camera appeared in 1982, a Pentax ME Super, which i still own and used up until 2000 before moving to Nikon equipment.

Currently using a Nikon D700 which most on the time has a Nikkor 200mm micro f4 attached to the front, this is the lens that I use for all my macro shots. Added some more serious glass to the arsenal of lenses in 2014 and it is now starting to really show up in the quality of some of my images.

Been a member of a couple of clubs in the past but am now a very active member of Southampton Camera Club and help run the Southampton International Exhibition.

Since September 2014 I have been the Digital Secretary for The Southampton International Exhibition and since the begining of 2015 the Digital Secretary at Southampton Camera Club. 

Always looking for new challenges and striving to improve on work I have done in the past.

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